Careers – Learners

At Penn Hall a career is defined as a pathway through life. This includes pupils developing skills for independence, learning about the world around them, community access, and understanding the options available to them when they leave school. Information, advice and guidance is delivered through a creative careers education programme (Talentino!) and work-related learning opportunities.

Learning Opportunities

During your time at Penn Hall you will take part in activities and events to learn about the World of Work, these will be designed to develop your knowledge and skills and help you plan for your journey through life into Adulthood. 

In Key Stages 4 and 5, you will have opportunities to cover a range of subjects tailored to your interests and preparing you for your next steps after Penn Hall.  These will lead to appropriate level qualifications including ASDAN Personal Progress, ASDAN Personal Development, OCR Life and Living Skills, Entry Levels, GCSEs and Functional Skills. 

Support with next steps

In Years 9 and 10 you will have a yearly review meeting with our Connexions Adviser to get 1:1 careers advice, you may want a member of your class staff to be with you for this.  You will talk about things you enjoy doing at school and at home, your favourite classes, progress with your learning and qualifications, your strengths and skills, what you would like to do in the future and how to find out more about further learning and the world of work.  You will make a Getting Ready Plan. 

In Years 11, 12, 13 and 14, these meetings happen more often and you will make a Career Pathway Plan. This information is shared with parents and other professional at your EHCP review, so that you can get the right support to plan for your next steps after Penn Hall. 

Connexions is an independent careers company, which works with a wide variety of schools, colleges and other organisations.

Work Experience

During your time at Penn Hall, we aim to offer a range of experiences to develop your work skills.  This may include Enterprise Events in school, opportunities to take part in work activities around school, and Work Experience opportunities both inside and outside of school.  From this year, we have also introduced virtual work experience opportunities. 

You will get opportunities to meet with Employers or Employees to talk about what they do at work and how to get prepared for jobs that might interest you in the future. 

We work alongside an organisation called in Enable to look at supported work opportunities. There will be sessions arranged for them to come in to school to work with you in class, and you can contact them for more information on 01743 276900. 

Management and Delivery

Connexions is an impartial information, advice and guidance service which is part of the Skills team at Wolverhampton City Council. We support young people, along with their parents/carers, with making choices in life and making the transition to adulthood. We can work with young people with special education needs and disabilities until the age of 25 and can make referrals to other services after that age.

We are client focussed and support our young people with choosing education and training options, developing independence and accessing support to barriers to achievement, exploring jobs and working life, volunteering and work experience, accessing community projects and leisure activities.

Every young person with an EHCP has their own personal advisor. You can find more about the Connexions service and contact us here:

Telephone: 01902 554499
The Personal Adviser for Penn Hall School is Val Richards  Telephone: 07584491033